Cargo Insurance

Transportation carriers are often responsible only for their legal liability for damage caused to your cargo, which may not be equal to the full value of your cargo, and in many cases, such as acts of god, may not be liable for the damage for the loss or damage at all. Even in the case your cargo was not damaged and discharged successfully at your destination, you may still need to pay for the loss of others under the "General Average" concept.

With Target Cargo Services' cargo insurance, our customers know their goods are in the safest hands. Based on international standards and tailored extension clauses Target Cargo Services offer you the opportunity to fully secure your cargo during transportation.

We are proud to offer primary cargo insurance with coverage to the customer based on the actual value of customer goods from the leading "A" rated insurances, who specialize in cargo, freight, shipping and moving insurance. By offering a full All Risks ICC "A" coverage we make sure you will be shipping your cargo under a superior and comprehensive policy that leaves only few exclusions.

Our services include:
  • Port-to-port or door-to-door cover
  • Integrated ordering with the transport booking
  • Global coverage according to international standards
  • Fast and professional global claim handling
  • Broadest "All Risks" coverage by using "A" clauses (ICC A)